Kitchen Trends of 2017

Looking to redesign your kitchen this year?

Kitchens are some of the most challenging areas to redecorate in a home, because you need to ensure excellent functionality, create that look that makes the space inviting, and make sure all appliances are integrated with your furniture in the most effective manner. And when you think you need to take the latest trends into account things seem to become even harder!

At Pinnacle Kitchens we think that current kitchen trends are not an extra headache, but a source of inspiration for the space where you cook for your family and drink your coffee in the morning. Don’t trust us? Keep on reading and judge for yourself!

Integrated storage and workstations

kitchen trends 2017

Integrated storage and appliances have been a trend in the last decade to say the least, and this will remain the best option forever due to the obvious benefits. You save a lot of space and you avoid displaying more than you want.

Pared-back colour palette


Pared-back colour is an easy way to give your kitchen a contemporary look and work less on your project. This strategy implies painting the walls in a white or a light shade and selecting tones of the same colour for furniture and accessories. It’s hard to fail with this strategy because you have fewer chances to mismatch colours or make inappropriate combinations.

Getting smarter in smarter places

Small Kitchen

Small places are a common problem among homeowners. However, not having so many square metres available for your cooking space doesn’t mean you won’t be able to obtain a fully-functional kitchen where you have everything you need. The Internet abounds in ideas on how to make use of your small kitchen space in a smart way. The staff at Pinnacle Kitchens is specialised in kitchen designs for small places. We make it possible for you to do more than just boil eggs in your kitchen!

The industrial look

kitchen trends 2017

The industrial style comes with advantages such as practicability and affordability and is also chosen by those who don’t like to boast with their home and belongings. An industrial look for your kitchen does not necessarily mean it will look humble; you can allow your imagination to unleash with metallic frame chairs, hexagonal shape tile plates, handle-less doors, apparent brick walls, and appliances with a metallic finish.

Copper accents

kitchen trends 2017

If you are not sure what colour to choose for your kitchen, go for grey and earthy tones with copper accents. Grey, black, and brown cabinets are a safe choice, but decorators are starting to include copper elements into their kitchen designs, such as handles, appliances, and accessories. This way you will keep your project simple while also breaking the monotony of monochrome palettes.

Kitchen trends can be solutions for your redecorating project instead of cumbersome must-dos. The experts at Pinnacle Kitchens can create a kitchen environment that not only will be following the latest trends, but also look relevant and fresh over years.

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