Choosing your kitchen splash back

Kitchen Splash Backs 2015

Kitchen splash backs are a very important part of your new kitchen design and choosing the right style of kitchen splash backs can be a very hard choice. This week I wanted to show you some examples of kitchen splash backs to get your mind going. A recent trend we have noticed in kitchen designs is the come back of tiles. For years we had those tiny little ceramic tiles that looked old the day they were installed, with the advancement forward to 2015, we have some amazing affordable choices when it comes to picking your next kitchen splash back.

The things to consider when choosing your kitchen splash back are, will it work with the colours of the kitchen? Don’t forget to think all the way down to appliances, range hoods and even fridge. All these added to the kitchen can sometimes through the whole look out, so remember to think about all the small things when it comes time to the style of splash back you are going to use. We offer 2D and 3D designs for your new kitchen, check them out here


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