Top 5 Mistakes with Kitchen Renovations – Why You Need a Kitchen Specialist

Kitchens are among the home spaces that get a renovation the most often due to the higher degree of wear and tear they support. Those who cook often or eat dinner at home are more likely to renovate their kitchen every few years; one of the reasons must be that they also come up with new ideas on how to improve functionality, as they spend more time in there. Yet, if you don’t get help from a kitchen specialist, you may fall in the trap of some common mistakes affecting the durability and performance of this space. Read the following to discover 5 common mistakes:

Ignoring storage needs and workflow

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Seeing a kitchen design you like in a magazine is not enough for an effective kitchen renovation plan. Any good kitchen designer will know how to focus on two important aspects in a kitchen: storage and workflow. If you design your kitchen for intensive or frequent cooking, you’ll need enough space to deposit your food items, and you will also want to prevent unnecessary effort while working. For instance, you won’t place the stove in one place and the sink in the opposite corner of the kitchen for obvious reasons – to ensure a steady workflow and avoid walking too much around the kitchen from one appliance to another.

Opting for the wrong surfaces

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The wide range of kitchen manufacturers available today can make it difficult to choose the one suiting your needs the best. Make sure you go through materials that are specially designed and built for kitchen use, or you may have the unpleasant surprise of scratching your counters from the first day or burning them with a hot pan.

Not including enough bench space

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Nowadays, kitchens are used both for cooking and eating, rather than having lunch in the dining room. This helps you save time and effort, but at the same time you need to make sure you have plenty of chairs or benches to sit on – nobody likes to eat on their feet. Consider the possibility of retractable seats if you don’t have a lot of space available, in case you receive your guests in your kitchen.

Ignoring the style of the rest of the home

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This may not be such a major mistake, but it matters if you care about aesthetics and you want to make a good impression on guests. By calling to the services of a kitchen designer, your kitchen style will match the rest of the rooms and your entire home will have a unitary, harmonious look.

Choosing poor-quality hardware

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The large number of products on sale available in stores makes it very tempting to save money by cutting costs on hardware. We don’t recommend you to do this unless you want your kitchen to look out-dated and worn-out in a couple of years. You may not notice this in the first place, but cheap furniture is less ergonomic and not designed with easiness of use and comfort in mind, so don’t be surprised if you get hit into a drawer handle all the time or chairs are not comfortable at all. Invest in good quality hardware that lasts and you will eventually save more money over the long term.

Kitchen design Gold Coast specialists are available to help at any time, so you avoid these costly and bothersome mistakes, and many others you may have no idea about. Make the smart choice today and call a kitchen specialist from Pinnacle Kitchens!

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