Kitchens Gold Coast

The Pinnacle Kitchen Company is a Gold Coast skilled cabinet maker that specialises in kitchens and stone right here on the Gold Coast. At the forefront of the company is Joshua Rumble who has been in the kitchen manufacturing scene for over 20 years and has lead the industry forward with contributions to world class kitchen software. Joshua is the lead draftsmen in the Pinnacle Kitchen Company and has a fine eye for space and design, leading you to a better end product. The Pinnacle Kitchen Company is based out of its Burleigh Showroom at 26 Junction Road, Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

Those who are looking for a Kitchen on the Gold Coast are encouraged to talk with Joshua and the team to maximise your investment and receive a high quality Kitchen on the Gold Coast.

Building Gold Coast kitchens

Kitchens Gold Coast

As specialists in custom kitchen solutions we are constantly working throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. This week I wanted to take a look at some recent kitchens completed and some key features to think about in your next kitchen.

Kitchen Splash Backs

Splash backs are an import decision in your new kitchens look and feel but, remember glass splash backs can look great but be very annoying to clean. Try and consider small things like this with your new kitchen, tiles are always a good option as they can be easily cleaned and a gloss finish looks amazing.


Kitchen Draws & Cupboards

Cupboards are something that can be easily good or bad, self closing doors these days are a must and cheaper inferior hinges can be a costly mistake. If you stuck to a budget this is one area you don’t want to skimp on as cheap hinges will not always close all the way or may need a harder push than what would be expected. Same applies for kitchen draws, make sure they close with the slightest touch or little effort.


Kitchen Lighting

Lighting for me is as important as the colour, having easy access to light switches and having quality LED bulbs with powerful white light can set a kitchen apart. As seen below your kitchen will just look so much better with strategic lighting locations.



We are really proud of the kitchens that we do here on the Gold Coast and we encourage anyone looking for a kitchen to give us a call for a no obligation chat. We are currently constructing our new kitchens gold coast display at Burleigh heads, Gold Coast.

1300 799 932


Kitchen Colour Ideas 2015

With 2015 here already! Its back on board for the Pinnacle Kitchen team here on the Gold Coast, in this weeks blog I wanted to touch on a subject that I get asked about all the time, What colour scheme or idea should I use for my new kitchen?

Well, its a pretty tough question as you will see from our previous post, we encourage people to build the perfect kitchen your way now and not think to much about if/when you sell your house, you NEED to be happy with it no matter what.

So below are some of our colour choices from one of our suppliers Polytec, take a look and see what you think? Also have a look at one of our other suppliers Laminex.

Kitchen colour Ideas 2015 Kitchens Gold Coast kitchen-colour-ideas-schemes-2015 kitchen-colour-ideas-schemes-2015-2

2015 is set to bring us a heap of new colour schemes and ideas along with a normal increase in funky kitchen designs and we look forward to building them. We are about to begin the works for our new display showroom in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast to give you the real life view of colours and more. Remember you can book an in home appointment anytime by calling us on 1300 799 932 or contacting us