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New Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Consider When Refurbishing Your Kitchen

Kitchens represent one of the most popular renovations in the home. The kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare and cook food, kitchens are also a place where people eat meals, catch up with family, and casually entertain guests. Therefore, we now have a larger range of kitchen renovation ideas available, suitable for all tastes and kitchen functions.

Are you looking for a new modern kitchen? Consider these 5 kitchen design ideas:

Butler’s pantry

new kitchen renovation ideas

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Many kitchens are crowded and seem to lack a coherent kitchen design because lots of food items and consumables are stored there, oftentimes in full sight. On the one hand, people want a kitchen as in magazines, and on the other hand, buying a large amount of groceries is the usual practice for most families. If you want a solution that meets both these two needs, include a butler’s pantry in your kitchen renovation ideas and you won’t regret it. A pantry will allow you to store food, beverages, dishes, linens, provisions, and cleaning chemicals, thus eliminating the clutter from your kitchen.

Choosing the right kitchen appliance size

new kitchen renovation ideas

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Avoid purchasing too many oversized kitchen appliances that take up bench space and instead opt for equipment that allows you to perform multiple operations, like both preparing a smoothie and juicing fruit, for instance. Make sure the appliances you choose are not bulky and their colour and style match your kitchen design.

Natural looking bench tops

new kitchen renovation ideas

There are several reasons why natural looking bench tops are the best option: they look classy and modern, they match with a variety of colours and styles, and they are more wear-resistant. To put it into different words, this type of bench top is more practical and more aesthetically pleasing, thus adding value to your property. Not to mention they never get out of fashion and continue to look good after years of use. Some of the most popular options are stone, metal, concrete, timber, and marble.

Storage solutions

Storage is not just a matter of practicality; it also has a huge impact on your kitchen aspect. By choosing smart storage solutions such as a Butler’s Pantry (as mentioned previously) you will manage to keep the kitchen clean and organized instead of having it look cluttered and messy. There are so many different storage solutions such as dividing your drawers with adjustable inserts for utensils and pots & pans, custom pantry and an appliance garage (cabinet) to hide your appliances on the bench top.

Better kitchen functionality

new kitchen renovation ideas

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Functionality is vital especially when you have a small kitchen and you cook often or you entertain your guests there. When planning a kitchen renovation, it is important to consider how to optimise and use the space. Island benches are a great way to add informal seating and also extra preparation space and storage to a kitchen.  Another important aspect to consider for kitchen functionality is it needs to be well lit using layering and blending of different types of light.

At Pinnacle Kitchens we can provide you with personalized kitchen renovation ideas, based on your kitchen size and shape and personal preferences. Call to our service for amazing kitchen designs!

Shown below is an infographic regarding this very topic about new kitchen renovation ideas!

kitchen renovation ideas

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Things to consider when renovating your kitchen

There are a number of things you should remember when taking on a kitchen renovation and in this weeks blog we are going to help point out some of the challenges and simple things to consider when taking on your kitchen renovation.

1: Think about and understand your kitchen needs

A kitchen is a unique place for many and in most cases everyone has different needs and requirements, so remember this when you’re designing your brand new kitchen. Go left field and put in the things that best suit you and your cooking style remembering all the simple things like location, traffic and storage.

2: Go with what you want and be unique

Design it your way, don’t think of resale of the house, think about what you want now! Remember you are only adding value to your property by renovating your kitchen so don’t hold back. Use colours or be as plane as you want but consider all the things around you like flooring, splash back colours, appliances, bench tops and make sure all the colours work.

3: Get creative with storage

During some of our projects we have seen some incredible sneaky storage designs which make so much sense when you really stop and look, our in-house design team have some fantastic ideas, concepts and plans to check out. Things like pull out pantries, draws within draws, deeper shelving and don’t forget about appliances.

4: Lighting

As you might have read in last weeks blog, we are big fans of lighting and we think it is a major factor when completing the kitchen renovation. If your kitchen has a white bright feel then match your lighting to it, with bright white LED lighting, not only will it make for a bright exciting area you will also save on power with LED.

5: Functionality in the kitchen

Remember when designing or renovating that you cross check the draw lengths, widths and factor in the moment when your standing behind the draw (for example close to a wall) that there is enough space for the draw to fully extend and have space for you being behind it. We have seen some kitchens by others that lack this simple thinking and can cause grief. This is something particularly for those doing a DIY job. Think about your design logically and ergonomically.   Until next week happy renovating!